5 Big Perks of a Small Electric Car

If you're looking to buy a small car for local use or short drives, consider the electric car. While the upfront cost may seem high, it will be cheap to run and could prove a brilliant investment, as many buyers are finding. Electric vehicles - or EVs - are the new phenomenon in the automobile world - and in the environmental one, too, leading the way in twenty-first-century transport solutions. They offer many perks for local driving, especially the smaller models. Here are five big bonuses of a small electric car to consider:

Electric Car
  1. Cheap to use

Electricity costs less than gas, making electric cars much cheaper to run than conventional, gas-fuelled ones. The smaller, less powerful models, such as Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Ioniq and Kia Soul EV, are especially economical to use, and owners report making significant financial savings this way. Charging up your "plug-in" car from home is the most cost-effective option, as you can do it overnight at the cheaper, off-peak rate. Electric cars are economical in another way, too - unlike their gas-fired counterparts, they don't waste energy, such as while waiting in queues, but just use what they need to move.


  1. Low on tax

In the US, electric car owners are eligible for significant tax credits, and similar incentives are available in the UK and elsewhere. Check online for the discounts relevant to different types of EV where you live. Many US states also offer financial incentives or assistance to ease the upfront purchase, so be sure to check out the details. It's also worth shopping around for cheap insurance, as some companies offer discounts for electric vehicles in support of green energy. Insurance also tends to be cheaper for small, low-capacity cars.


  1. Easy for parking and maneuvering

The smallest electric cars, such as the two-seaters, Nissan Leaf and the Smart For Two Electric Drive, are extremely compact, enabling easy maneuvering and parking. You'll have the slimness and agility to slip in and out of spaces where bigger vehicles won't fit, saving the time and expense of driving around in search of bigger spaces or paying for ticketed ones.

  1. Novel and characterful

An electric car is a novelty which will impress your friends and attract the interest of observers as you drive around town. Your forward-looking choice will signal your bold, modern approach to travel. The smaller EV models are striking for their mix of modesty and cutting-edge design, offering a great image for their drivers.


  1. Environmentally friendly

The concept of electricity-driven cars was born out of the urgent efforts to reduce toxic fuel emissions and improve air quality. Every electric car purchased instead of a conventional model supports this green initiative, both by avoiding gas usage and by setting an example to other prospective car buyers. As EV purchases rise, they also put pressure on administrations to provide more recharging points which, in turn, draw more users, so you'll be helping the process forward in multiple ways by choosing electric.


As an extra bonus, electric cars are probably still less attractive to thieves than the conventional, gas-powered ones. This may change as EVs grow in popularity, but in the meantime, you could find yourself luckier than your neighbours when it comes to car theft. That said, you'll need to lock and secure your precious acquisition with care when not in use, just like any other car.


Check the relevant websites for overviews of the different models available and the pros and cons of each. Then, when you've narrowed down your choices, perhaps call into your nearest showroom to get the feel of your favourites and discuss details with sales staff. Remember to check out all the financial deals and assistance available, too.


As the electric car gains momentum in the automobile industry and recharging points are multiplied to meet demand, this revolution in car power will take off, so why not play a part in this great story, budget permitting? While benefiting from your own purchase, you'll also be supporting a noble, global journey, so it'll make good sense all around.