The Best Vacation Rental Websites for Your Next Trip

Staying in a hotel is the obvious choice while you are on vacation. However, sometimes hotels do not offer everything you want. Just imagine having a pool, kitchen, and the complete home to yourself when you are on vacation rather than staying at a hotel. The vacation rentals offer precisely that.

Next time when you are on vacation, opt for a vacation rental instead of a hotel. You will have access to your own space in a real home with all the amenities. Moreover, choosing a vacation rental is a cheaper option, depending upon your destination.

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Top 4 Vacation Rental Websites

Here are the top 4 vacation rental websites that you should check out when you are planning your next vacation.


HomeAway is one of the well-known and universally popular vacation rental websites today.  The houses, cabins or cottages listed on HomeAway are real homes, not a spare room, thus guaranteeing you a stay in a real vacation home. Moreover, finding an ideal place to spend your days off is very straightforward with HomeAway.

HomeAway offers more than 315,000 different homes all over the world, which makes it immensely popular. There is a search option on the website that allows you to find the available vacation rentals according to your wants and needs. You can search according to guest ratings, facilities you need, price range, or a combination of these features. When you book your vacation rentals through HomeAway, you are booking with the owner of the home directly.


Airbnb, launched ten years ago, is still one of the best places to find a vacation rental for your trip. It provides more than 200,000 vacation rental listings in almost 200 countries, thereby offering a wide variety of rental vacations for travelers. There are so many properties to select from, for example, you can stay at a palace in California vineyard, or if you want to keep it uncomplicated, you can rent a room in an apartment in Paris.

Booking vacation rentals through Airbnb is very straightforward too. Search for the vacation rental according to price, type (villas, condos, and even rooms are available), and travel dates. Airbnb provides 24-hour hold to protect you from fraud or falsified listings when you make a booking.


Former founders of HomeAway and Hotwire created TurnKey. It is new in the vacation rental field and is still developing. However, it provides vacation rentals in more than 50 distinct regions across the United States. There is one big difference with TurnKey from its competitors. The website acts as an intermediary between the homeowners and the renters; it does not put them in touch with each other. The biggest perk of this website is keeping the owners and renters separate.

TurnKey manages all of your requests, just like a hotel front desk. If you need anything or face any issue, TurnKey will handle all these things. The consistency and quality make TurnKey stand out. People keep coming back because of this service quality. The website allows people with the age of 25 or more only, which is the downside to TurnKey.


FlipKey is the brainchild of one of the most effective vacation planning and booking websites, TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor is famous for providing more than 150,000 vacation rentals throughout the world from Florida to Brussels, California to Rio de Janeiro.

On FlipKey, you will find photos of rentals, certified guest reviews, and get a real idea of what your apartment will be like. FlipKey also provides a zero booking fee so that you can book your vacation rental without paying any upfront money.

It is always useful to do a little research before finalizing anything. Searching online is usually the fastest, most accurate way to find all the pros and cons of vacation rentals. We always recommend comparing atleast 4 or 5 options before you make your final decision.