Getting More Matches On Dating Sites: Your Complete Guide

The dating apps are very much in trend nowadays. They are a nice way of meeting new people and finding a potential match. Because of this thought, some of you are either using dating sites and apps. Do you also feel sometimes that you are the only person trying their luck out there? On dating sites, there are sometimes very few people you can connect with. Getting more matches on dating sites after a while starts feeling kind of impossible.


Though this can change and the sites can make your dating life brighter. It all depends on how creative yet honest you are with your profile. Go through the tips mentioned in this post for getting more and better matches on the dating sites.


4 Basic Yet Important Tips For Getting More Matches On Dating Sites

The 4 tips we have mentioned here might sound very basic to you. If you read thoroughly, you will find some minute things that you had been missing out all this time.


1. An Attractive Profile Picture Will Attract More Interest In You

When your profile’s link comes across your potential matches, the first thing that is noticed is your profile picture. It does not just show how you look, but it can tell a lot about your interests and even how you perceive things. If you don’t have a perfect profile picture, it is possible that you will not be able to get attention.

A good profile picture is the one that can highlight the traits of your appearance. If you have an attractive smile, make sure to chose a picture that can highlight that. You can also have other personality assets like a good height, or a good choice of style. What you think is your best trait, should be visible in your picture.

Also, make sure that your picture shows your eyes. Various researches have shown that ran eye contact can build a better connection. If your picture makes direct eye contact with the viewer, they will be able to see more about your personality.


2. Express Yourself Confidently In Your Bio

It is an art to be able to create a good bio for your dating site profile. After finding your profile picture appealing, the person viewing will want to know more about you. Your bio should show that you are a great company to hang out with.

Sometimes you can have a lot to write in your bio but the writing space is limited. If you want to be the most expressive about your true personality then the key is to not be shy. Adding your passions and hobbies will be able to fetch you the attention of people who have similar likings. Also, let the world know what kind of personality you have. People will sometimes like you and sometimes not, but you will have more chances if you have expressed yourself well.

Don’t try to use words that you also do not use in your general conversations. The idea is about showing your real self. Your bio will be appealing if you show how you are enjoying life and learning new things.


3. Getting More matches On Dating Sites Can Be Done By Staying Active

If you are looking for a potential persona as a good match on a dating site, staying active is necessary. If you are not doing that, you will not be shown in the suggestion segment of other users. There can be potential matches that are looking out for someone like you, but not staying active will keep them distant from you.

If you are an active user of the dating apps and sites, you have more chances of getting more matches on dating sites. Just like social media sites like Facebook and Instagram use some kind of algorithm. This algorithm of dating sites favors you based on how active you are as a user.

If you stay active on the dating sites, you will be able to respond to the messages quickly. This will improve your chances to meet new people too.


4. Getting More Matches On Dating Sites Can Be Done By Trying As Many Sites As Possible

Sometimes you have a great profile picture, great bio and have also been an active user, but still no luck. It is quite possible that such a thing can happen, but it is not your mistake. The best thing to do is to try another app or site for dating. On different dating sites and apps you will find various people and thus you get more chances of finding a match.

This tip should be considered by all the readers as this one will help you increase the number of people whom you can consider as a potential person. Many new datings sites have also come and are getting popularity too.

It is also good to try sites like Bumble and Huggle that offer something unique. Like Bumble is the site where only women are allowed to choose first. Huggle gets different from others as this site will only match you with a person who hangs out at the same place as you.

If you research the internet you will also be able to find many such dating sites. Some of the sites help you find a match that is only from the same city or town.



These 4 tips if implemented well, will be able to improve your status on the dating sites and apps. Creating a good profile is no rocket science, just a matter of honesty and creativity. A little effort put on surfing through various dating sites will make the results much more prominent.